Our Pierre JeanneretLe Corbusier collection


Upon the request of Prime Minister Nehru at the end of the 1940’s, Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret, his cousin, were entrusted with an extraordinary project : the creation of the capital of Punjab, its urban scheme, its architecture and its furniture.Chandigarh’s furniture and objects are the witness of the history of design from that time. Designed for utility purposes, those are still today pieces for everyday life and/or admire.

Jacques Dworczak
Jacques Dworczak

Jacques Dworczak has been able, over the years, to bring together an incredible collection of original pieces which he exhibits in his Cannes, Saint-Tropez and Koh Samui galleries but also through the most beautiful galleries in the world.

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Our Picasso collection


Jacques’ interest obviously focused on ceramics, lithographs, photographs by Pablo Picasso. Those pieces are all signed and representative of the famous collection of ceramics by Picasso installed in the Atelier Madura in Vallauris (06) between 1948 and 1955.

Because the alliance of these works associated with Pierre Jeanneret furniture led to a harmonious showcase, it is quite natural that the Saint-Tropez show presents this non-exhaustive collection.

And currently at the gallery

JD ART GALLERY presents on 2 levels a collection signed by prestigious artists. Magnificent mobiles by Philippe Hiquily, a majestic “Yellow Tree” by Claude Gilli. Exceptional lamps designed by Serge Mouille, Pierre Guariche, Le Corbusier are brilliantly displayed around an amazing and rare sculpture by Hans Arp.
In the basement of the gallery, dominates and spreads an imposing “Elephant armchair” by Bernard Rancillac, single piece in blue ‘Klein’ watched by a beautiful collection of vintage silver prints with Pablo Picasso by famous names of photography.

Artists exhibited :

  • Philippe Hiquily
  • Claude Gilli
  • Bernard Rancillac
  • Hans Arp
  • Pierre Guariche
  • Serge Mouille